Make your pcb

Make your pcb

Make your pcb by the method of home insolation, showing step by step how to perform all processes until the board is complete.


what do we need?

– Exposure unit (Learn how to make one here)

– Positive photosensitive Board virgin

– Caustic soda

– Hydrogen Peroxide

-Hydrochloric acid (aqua fortis)


-Plastic cuvettes


-Drill and drill bits

-Solder and tin

How do we do it?



Printing on transparent paper drawing the printed circuit board previously designed by computer and place it inside the exposure unit.

If board is bought larger than we need, previously cut with a cutter, chain saw, etc..

Then we remove the plastic bearing board to not introduce insole and the inside of the exposure unit and keep it within a specific time according to the light applied to it.

With high intensity LED can keep for about 20 minutes but if you use another type of light will decrease the exposure time.



After removing the board exposure unit and enter it in a cuvette with some water and caustic soda and gradually see how the tracks start to look harder.

The photosensitive layer of a plastic board is like that in areas that have been exposed to light has to be removed, if we are not going, we can take more caustic soda to the mixture and rub with your finger and brush leaving before.



After revealing board and eliminate the photosensitive layer of the areas do not have to be copper then introduce the board in a mixture of water and hydrochloric acid oxigenenada or lowering heavy water mixture with a little water until only the tracks .



In a small drill of about 1 mm, proceed to make the holes in the center of each node.

This task is very simple if you marked above each node point with a punch and hammer.



We connect the solder and expect it to warm up enough to start the process.

a node in the right way is important both heat the tin as the node and the leg of the component to be distributed either by tin all places with higher temperature.



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